Bubble football is a classic and popular choice for a stag party activity in Ireland, the UK and Europe. It’s not your typical game of five-a-side when you’re wrapped in inflatable plastic dough balls and doing your best to kick the ball down the field with ZERO coordination.

Your stag do group will go in all confident and sure they’ll still be stars of the bubble football field. But, trust us…they won’t tackle, dribble and score goals with their heads as well as they think they will.

When the whistle blows, your stag lads will have to run straight at the ball to see who can get to it first – doing a sumo waddle of course! No mean feat in a giant bubble!

Your stag party teams will have a referee on the field to keep the game fair and help get you off the ground when you inevitably fall over. Fouling and faking are pretty much impossible when you’re bouncing around with legs in the air.

Stag do activities don’t get any madder than bubbleball. So round up the usual suspects, split into teams and get stuck in.

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